To get high band score in IELTS Test is necessary to get admission abroad or to have immigration. A lot of people are searching for proper IELTS information with tips and tricks for their IELTS Test 

Preparation. The IELTS Package is dedicated to provide you the quality information for your better score. This time we are providing 9 Free Resources to Get 7+ Bands in IELTS Reading Module.

It is evident that in IELTS Test, the Reading task is complicated and requires a lot more effort. 

If you are keen to get high band score in your IELTS Reading test, then you must know that your Speed of Reading Texts, plays a vital role in IELTS Reading Module – There are certain types of reading passages that you will find in your IELTS Reading test more often. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself accordingly to increase the speed of reading text. Many of you inquired us that “What Should You Read?” and here is the answer: Reading Passage in the Past IELTS Tests Came from the Following Sources:

    1. The Economist – a weekly newspaper publishing international business and political news and opinion. 
    2. The Economist Technology Quarterly – A technological side of The Economist, covering latest and future technology news.
    3. New Scientist – Weekly magazine publishing news pertaining to science and technology, considered as world’s best source of getting information, with diverse subject matter.
    4. American Scientist – an excellent and illustrative bi-monthly science and technology magazine. 
    5. The Geographical Journal – publishing quality and latest research and scholarships in physical and human geography. 
    6. Interscience – An online edition focusing entirely on medical, technological and scientific journals. 
    7. Australian Geographic – an excellent resource to get quality information regarding Australia; and things happening in Australian Society. 
    8. The British Museum – This is just a wonderful resource to access the latest and key online publications. 
    9. Illustrated London News – An excellent graphical and pictorial historic social record of world events and British Society up to the present day.
These are top 9 resources to get the quality information pertaining to achieve 7+ Bands in your IELTS Reading Section. It is important that you must prepare your reading through these websites. In all of these websites there are plenty of articles and most of the previous IELTS Passages are taken from these websites, so it is important that you must practice the articles available on these websites.
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All the articles available on these sites are absolutely free and you don’t need to subscribe. These articles are extremely important to get familiarize yourself with the level and style of articles that you are likely to see in your real IELTS exam. While practicing from these resources you will be like killing two birds with one stone, as you will be increasing your speed and expanding your vocabulary at the same time. Prepare yourself and Get the Required Results. 
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