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姐追蹤的最小網紅蔡桃貴在Youtube頻道上有「一天一分鐘桃貴」單元,BBC Learning English也有!一分鐘告訴你「just」這個字在生活英語裡到底怎麼用,還不趕快學一波學起來!

📍 just的4個用法

1️⃣ at this moment – 事件當下
“Do you wanna go for coffee?”
“Hang on, I’m just finishing this video.”

2️⃣ only – 僅僅、只
“This book cost me just £1.”
“Wow, that’s cheap!”

3️⃣ exactly – 正好、就是
“What time is it?”
“It’s just four o’clock.”


“Saskia, here’s a present for you.”
“Thanks! It’s just what I wanted.”

4️⃣ for emphasis – 強調
“I just love this shirt.”



小曦老師 Aurora’s Journal #英語家教 #個別指導 #BBCLeariningEnglish

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